Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimming with the Dolphins

So its been a while and unfortunately our camera got soaked and we are unable to get any of the pictures off of the chip... :( so we don't have any new pictures from December 2010 to June 2011. Bummer or what!

In June, we went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for our 5 year anniversary. Dano-boy stayed the week with my parents. Playa del Carmen was so amazing. It was such a great vacation and much needed!

We flew in on US Airways, something we will never do again! They left (seriously...they left) our luggage in Phoenix and it didn't get to Mexico until the next evening. It was such a bummer since we didn't have any clean clothes or our swimming suits. The airline also told us they wouldn't reimburse us for anything purchased, so we didn't want to spend a bunch of our vacation budget to have it spent on stupid replacement clothes.

The resort was so amazing! I never would have imagined staying at such a beautiful place. It was an all-inclusive resort so we got to eat all day, every day...and order yummy drinks whenever we wanted. The resort was right on the beach too! The beach was gorgeous! So white and calm.

We had so much exploring the Mexican culture and spending time together. Here is what we did:
1. Got massages! Massages are a little different in Mexico. Instead of keeping us completely covered, like in the US, they pulled the sheet all the way down to our bums...exposing us! I figured they have seen their share of bums and boobs but it was a little breezy.
2. We visited Tulum, an ancient Mayan town. Tulum isn't one of the grandest places but the homes are still in pretty good shape and a clear understanding of the village set up can be seen. It was cool learning about the Mayans and seeing something so old. I felt like I walked back into a Book of Mormon movie. There were even guys dressed up in Mayan clothes...
3. We stayed the day at an all-inclusive snorkeling park called Xelia. I don't think American would ever allow anything like that. It was super fun just snorkeling around all day.
4. We visited Cozumel, the island just east of Playa del Carmen. It wasn't the highlight of our vacation. It downpoured the entire day and the ferry ride over there was more than hellish...we both got sea sick and luckily didn't throw up but it was a battle. We rented scooters to drive around the island. We drove them around the island and got stuck in the middle of the biggest rain store I have ever seen. It was seriously miserable and everything was closed. But it was an experience...lol. We did some snorkeling while we were there and it was gorgeous!
5. We had a romantic dinner on the beach. :) and when we returned to our room the pillows were turned down and romantic music was playing.
6. We swam with the dolphins. This was clearly the funnest part of the vacation.! Ricardo was our dolphin. So cool!

I really enjoyed our vacation. I learned a lot about the Mexican culture too, which was really great!